Copr is an easy-to-use automatic build system providing a package repository as its output.

Start with making your own repository in these three steps:

  1. choose an architecture and system you want to build for
  2. provide Copr with src.rpm packages available online
  3. let Copr do all the work and wait for your new repo

For more information please visit Copr wiki


Description not filled in by author. Very likely personal repository for testing purpose, which you should not use.

fc.22.i386, fc.22.x86_64


Description not filled in by author. Very likely personal repository for testing purpose, which you should not use.

fc.22.x86_64, el7.x86_64


Full-featured SOAP library for Python

The goal of the SOAPpy team is to provide a full-featured SOAP library for Python that is very simple to use and that fully supports dynamic interaction between clients and servers.

Testing rebuild of retired package in Fedora.

fc.23.ppc64le, fc.23.x86_64, fc.23.i386, fc.21.ppc64le, fc.22.ppc64le, rawhide.ppc64le, fc.22.i386, fc.22.x86_64, fc.21.i386, fc.21.x86_64, el7.x86_64, rawhide.i386, rawhide.x86_64, el6.x86_64, el6.i386


Repository hosting OpenCV 3 package prototype, for inclusion to chroots in vjancik/opencv3-migration

fc.23.x86_64, fc.23.i386, fc.22.i386, fc.22.x86_64, rawhide.i386, rawhide.x86_64


OpenNTPD packaged for Fedora.

To avoid file conflicts with the ntp package and avoid the ntpd SELinux security context the ntpd(8) binary and man page were renamed to openntpd(8).

fc.22.i386, fc.22.x86_64, fc.21.i386, fc.21.x86_64, el7.x86_64


The W3AF, is a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework. The W3AF core and it's plug-ins are fully written in python. The project has more than 130 plug-ins, which check for SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS), local and remote file inclusion and much more.

Package created on the base of previously failed package review with new sources:


fc.23.x86_64, fc.22.x86_64, fc.21.x86_64, el7.x86_64, rawhide.x86_64


This project builds occasional from-git Audacity audio editor code. The purpose is to assist in determining build-ability and run-ability of the latest upstream code, especially with regard to the move to wxGTK3 as the underlying tool kit.



Fedora packages for Helm polyphonic software synth which has lots of modulation and an easy to understand UI.

bugs to

fc.23.x86_64, fc.23.i386, fc.22.i386, fc.22.x86_64, fc.21.i386, fc.21.x86_64


libinput for EPEL7



libevdev EPEL7