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An unofficial Build of Chromium browser with vaapi and other experimental patches

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Patches are taken from various sources. I thank them for the contribution.

Chromium browser with hardware video decoding will not only increase the battery by minimising the power consumption but also enable 4k video on weak platforms (If supported).

installing this build requires vaapi driver to be installed in the system. check with vainfo. The hardware video decoding with this patch is still disabled. enable it in chrome://flags/#enable-accelerated-video Check cpu usages in both enabled and disabled state.

AMD GPU provides both vaapi and vdpau. If vainfo gives an error try "export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=[codename of your amd gpu(radeonsi,etc)without brackets} #AMDGPU users are effected by this bug : https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=719213

Nvidia user install libva-vdpau-driver

Intel GPU:libva-intel-hybrid-driver(for this build)?

This copr build doesn't include proprietary codecs like h264. I cannot build chromium with proprietary codecs because pc got roasted. Any help is appreciated. This package might cause conflicts with similar packages on the system. vp9 decoding is untested. I don't have a system that decodes vp9 on hardware level to test. Edit:VP9 acceleration works(on Intel skylake and other supported hardware)~!

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