phantomx / chinforpms


Chinforinfula packages.

Differences from Fedora and RPM Fusion

  • belle-sip, linphone, ortp - Updated version
  • bluecurve-icon-theme - Extra symbolic links for cursors, more hardcoded icon sizes
  • gnome-colors-icon-theme - Post script and cleanup
  • gstreamer1 - Added suffix -32/-64 to gst-plugin-scanner, so it can build correct multilib plugins registry, as ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.i686.bin on x86_64
  • gtk3 - Revert some features ditched in 3.10 release, with some Debian and Ubuntu patches
  • keepassxc - Post script and cosmetic fixes
  • kernel - blk-mq enabled by default, amdfam10 optimized and some openSUSE kernel patches
  • VirtualBox - Extra patches, a boot logo, no update checking, VirtualBox-extpack-oracle and VirtualBox-guest-additions-iso support
  • wine - Gallium Nine support, extra patches and personal fixes

Installation Instructions

Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

Active Releases

The following unofficial repositories are provided as-is by owner of this project. Contact the owner directly for bugs or issues (IE: not bugzilla).

Release Architectures Repo Download
Fedora 26 i386 (1)*, x86_64 (1)* Fedora 26 (2 downloads)
Fedora 27 i386 (1)*, x86_64 (1)* Fedora 27 (0 downloads)

* Total number of packages downloaded in the last seven days.