tendrl / tendrl

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Name Last Build Version Last Build Submitted Last Build Status Automatic Build Actions
tendrl-selinux 1.5.4-20180227T085901.984600c 3 months ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-api 1.6.3-20180530T164022.8308f00 21 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-commons 1.6.3-20180618T065747.36458f1 3 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-node-agent 1.6.3-20180618T083110.ba580e6 3 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-notifier 1.6.3-20180618T083117.fd7bddb 3 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-monitoring-integration 1.6.3-20180618T083118.a038f88 3 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-gluster-integration 1.6.3-20180618T084605.af37cee 3 days ago succeeded Enabled -
tendrl-ansible 1.6.3-20180618T093059.7d486e6 3 days ago succeeded Disabled -
tendrl-ui 1.6.3-20180621T090749.0961ecd 6 hours ago succeeded Disabled -
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